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Is it scary?

Of course it is. We are a haunted attraction.


Do things pop out at you?

Yes. We have many animatronics and live actors to startle our guests.


Is it okay for my son or daughter to come through?

ABSOLUTELY!!! We are the only haunted house in Ohio that allows you to pick a fright factor from level one to ten. Ten is chainsaw wielding, blood spitting, gun shooting, loud screaming actors coming at you all the time, while one is an actor in makeup walking out and speaking in a normal tone.


Do you offer discounts.

We offer discounts for groups. Call us to inquire.


Will things touch me?

Actors will not touch you if you don’t touch the actors. However, sometimes people bump into inanimate objects.


Are you indoors?



Are you open rain or shine?

Yes, as long as it is safe to operate. Check our facebook page for up to date information.


Are you wheelchair accessible?

Part of our attraction is accessible. However, some of our outdoor portions have stone paths and uneven terrain.


Can I work?

Call us. We currently have openings for monsters and ticket takers.


Who is this Mr. Malcolm guy I'’ve heard about?

Mr.Malcom is the second most notorious and deadly  serial killer of all time. He lives in the wood and lures guests inside to play his games or to be brutally tortured. This year, he has infected the nation's water supply with a deadly toxin.If you don’t die in 48 hours, you turn into a violent psychopath. Of course there is an antidote, but only Mr. Malcolm has one.

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